BookISHly AdventurOUs?

Welcome to the Novel Tourist Book Club! Join us for exciting book pairings, in-person events, and unique adventures inspired by literature.


Excitingly curated literary adventures


Growing community of spirited readers


Novels, poems and more read and explored

Bookishly Fun!

In-Person Events

Join us in-person!

Experience our exciting in-person events where book lovers come together for lively discussions over a paired adventure!

Novel crafts

diy book Page art

Save books from the landfill by using these book page craft tutorials to DIY flowers, decorations, gifts and more!


don’t eat books!

Feed your appetite with these recipes inspired by food cooked up by some of our favorite characters!

Joining the Novel Tourist Book Club was the best decision Iʼve made. The curated pairings and adventurous events have truly elevated my reading experience. Iʼve met amazing people and discovered new books that I wouldnʼt have picked up on my own. Itʼs a community of book lovers like no other!


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